Who We Are

Our work began in 1969 as part of the Jesus Movement that flourished in the late Sixties and on into the Seventies. At that time our ministry was called Jesus People International, and for several years we published one of the original movement newspapers, called the Hollywood Free Paper. We were grateful to be a small part of a true movement of God, the likes of which we may or may not ever see again.

When that era drew to a close, our work expanded. We continued just out-of-sight of the mainstream in order to give our energy to those Jesus so often sought out, those who live in the shadows of society.

We decided to rename our group Hands of Hope Ministries, because we extend hands of hope to those in need, the poor and unloved ones that Jesus Himself cared about and taught us to help — the homeless, orphans, young people at risk, prisoners and street people.

What people are saying

"Hands of Hope Ministries' commitment is to the difficult calling of working with people who have no hope. Some of us are simply called to care for those answering this difficult calling. And I care deeply! Being part of the Hands of Hope 'family' who care for this important ministry is one of the great joys of my life — especially when I can help first-hand by praying and providing practical gifts." — Karen Kowalik, Minneapolis MN

Thank you for your care.


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