What We Do

Day by day, God gives us the means to help others. He does that by prompting His followers to generously support our work financially. We have no debt, and we don't ask for anything in return from those we help.

One by one, we touch the lives of those in crisis in practical ways — a listening ear, a hearty hot meal, clean dry clothing, a pair of warm socks, a blanket, a bar of soap or toothbrush, a Bible. These small comforts are always given with a prayer of blessing and a word of encouragement, because that's the way Jesus Himself went about His work. Everything we have belongs to Him, and we give it out of His hand.

Over the years we've been given the opportunity to reach out in larger ways, partnering with a homeless center and meals program in Lancaster, California, and a ranch in Tijuana, Mexico, for school-age boys from the streets. But in each of those programs, our emphasis continues to be on touching one life, helping one person, at a time.

What people are saying

"Duane Pederson (founder of Hands of Hope) is a kind and gracious servant of Jesus Christ. He seeks out people and places to minister that others might overlook. The work he is doing through Hands of Hope is desperately needed and is making a difference in the lives of kids and others. I am glad to be a partner in ministry and a regular supporter for over 42 years." — Bob Yerkes, Hollywood CA

Thank you for praying.


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